Making Learning Interesting and Meaningful: Frances, Class of 2019, 3DE at Banneker High School


FRANCES grew up in a mix of Private and Charter Schools. As a rising freshman her mom required that she enroll in 3DE at Banneker High School (BHS). Frances was inconsolable with the idea of attending a traditional public high school, especially BHS. At that time she described the school to be a bad environment that was all around hostile with a horrible reputation. Thankfully, this is no longer how she describes Banneker, and she credits that to 3DE.

“The teachers make the difference! We’re not just going through the motions of learning. They really care about us and our success.”

When asked about how the learning is different and what she means by not just going through the motions of learning, Frances explained that having the business challenges interwoven into the core classes helps to make school interesting and meaningful.

“This is not like any school I have experienced before. Case Challenges make learning fun, even math.”

Frances went on to explain how a recent challenge helped her comprehend concepts in math. “This one time the challenge was to create an interactive college classroom using a predetermined structure. In one class we brainstormed our ideas and documented the plan. In Geometry we were able to layout the room and determine the correct spacing. I remember having to measure angles and the circumference. We do these types of things in all our classes.”

When summarizing her thoughts on 3DE Frances said “3DE has opened my eyes to more opportunities and perspectives.”

From a girl who had no desire to make new friends and planned to leave BHS ASAP.  Frances is now a proud student at Banneker who is eager to celebrate with her entire class as they prepare for graduation and move into the next endeavor.