Spreading a culture of respect: Kyjah, Class of 2019, 3DE at Banneker High School


KYJAH was originally enrolled in the standard school at Banneker High School (BHS). After receiving her lack luster schedule, which had in her classes she did not need she was frustrated and looking for a way out. During an assembly she heard 3DE Assistant Principal, Dr. Debro speak of the opportunity. Kyjah immediately took advantage of this and transferred into 3DE.

“Joining 3DE was the best decision I ever made. In 3DE you are not just another face in the crowd. I’ve been in other classes where kids don’t respect their teacher and the teachers don’t even know their students’ names. This does not happen in 3DE.”

Kyjah credits her teachers and the real-world experiences for the growth and maturity among the 3DE students. “We’ve seen the world of opportunities that are available. We have been in these environments and we know what is expected of us. These experiences are ingrained in who we are.”

Kyjah admits that she prefers to take every class with her 3DE peers, but she is seeing how the culture of JA is infiltrating into the broader school.

"Other kids hear us always talking about our future plans and they are now starting to talk about careers. If we’re in an elective class and the majority of the students are from 3DE our culture takes over. The other kids who were previously loud start to follow us and listen in.”
To summarize her experience of 3DE, Kyjah proudly explained that “our school is forming us into the people we want to be.